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Agustin Rodriguez

She’s simply amazing, creative, fast, professional, individually or collectively. She has come to my classroom and work with groups as large as of 60 students.

Mayela Stoddard

JC Swirls face painting is amazing. She did face painting at my daughter's quinceañera and it was a hit! Would recommend her 100%

Mickell Heckel

JC Swirls is amazing! I worked as an assistant for her previously. She is incredibly talented. Her art is incredible! She is also very quick and efficient, which is amazing when she has long lines. No one is waiting for too long. She is awesome! She is very kind and has a fun personality. She is made for what she does!

Annie Fuller

Jessica’s artwork is not only some of the best face painting I’ve ever seen, but she was so thoughtful and attentive to kids and parents alike. Perfect for a birthday party, the kiddos loved it!

Crescencio López González

JC Swirls is professional, arrives on time, and does an incredible job. For the Day of the Death celebration, she painted my wife, daughters, and community members. Everyone was satisfied with her work. She has done it for two years in a row. We are planning to invite her next year. Her price is affordable, and she is very comfortable working with adults and children. I highly recommend her.

Amy Joy

Jessica did a family birthday party in the backyard. We loved her kind fun personality as she interacted with each child, she not only did an amazing job painting each child's dream but made each child feel special! Surprisingly the adults caught on in the contagious fun and she painted for a new couple fishes on each as they kissed it looked like fish. So creative! Fun to witness!! Thanks Jessica!

Josie Fielding

I have had the opportunity to work with Jessica at several events and have always enjoyed it! No matter what the event is, birthday party, client appreciation parties, fairs ect Jessica always acts very professionally and always delivers outstanding work. Beyond being a very skilled artist, she is great with kids and has a nack for helping them feel at ease as soon as they get in her chair. Despite being very efficient with her processes, at least at the events I have attended with her, there is always a line even after the party is over. Her facepaintings are advertisement enough to draw crowds of children to her lines. I would definitely recommend having JC Swirls at your next event!

Vern Fielding

Jessica is an amazing artist and is always the kids' favorite at our corporate events!

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